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moody jungle with bright green leaves and orange flowers and butterlfies

Macondo is a place where
myth + reality intertwine, where the passage of time is ambiguous, and where the extraordinary becomes part of everyday life.


Macondo, deeply rooted in Colombian culture and made famous by Gabriel García Márquez's Cien Años de Soledad ("One Hundred Years of Solitude”), is more than a literary location; it's a symbol of Latin America's spirit, blending reality with magical elements. This magical realism, mixing the real and the surreal, reflects the region's complex history, struggles, and beauty.

For Macondo Marketing + Branding, drawing inspiration from our rich heritage offers a distinctive edge. The magical realism concept is a powerful tool in branding + marketing, allowing the creation of narratives that are not just engaging but deeply meaningful. This approach goes beyond traditional marketing techniques by creating stories that resonate emotionally and culturally with audiences.

Our logo's yellow butterfly, symbolizes love, change, and ephemeral beauty, aligning perfectly with the idea of transformation and freedom in Márquez's novel, this complements our tropical, jungle-inspired color palette that represents the mysterious Latin American vibe. Embracing Macondo + magical realism, our brand mixes the extraordinary into the everyday, celebrating our culture and connecting deeply with audiences.

Who we are:


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